Awareness: A toilet changed my mood …

I suppose some people could relate to having a toilet make them feel better.  After all, when we gotta go – we gotta go!  But for the most part, toilets don’t do us much pleasure.

I was running an errand this afternoon; when 1/2 way along my journey along a residential street, I had to go pee.  Now, I’m an older geezer who needs to go when the birds sing.  But here I was, stuck!  And to top it all off, I was coming upon road construction that was sure to make it more difficult to navigate my way to the nearest loo.

Surprisingly, I was thinking to myself about how chaos creates frustration in my lives because I am always trying to organize it.  I’m an organizer, or systemizer, or control freak, if you will.  I was having a difficult time running my errand because the streets were busy.  I found myself dodging groups, pets, and bicycles; and frankly, I was frustrated.  I decided to ditch Bloor Street and head down the side streets.  All was going fine and I was able to slow down a little and enjoy the trip.  Then I realized I needed to pee.”Dang!” I thought to myself.

To make matters worse, my trip was interrupted by this street construction I was coming upon.  Dodging and weaving again.  Around stuff, crossing streets, etc.  There was just no relieve.  Then I realized my bladder was getting angry and soon, it taking my mood with it.  As I said earlier, 1/2 way to nowhere – and I gotta go!

I was considering sounding off to the chaos gods about the distress they were putting me through when lo and behold!  What do I see?  It was Saturday afternoon and there was nobody around.  All I could see were earth graders, hoes, piping supplies, and … and … I don’t believe it!  I spotted the most beautiful thing I saw that afternoon – a worker’s toilet shed beside the road.

“I couldn’t be so lucky,” I thought to myself as I casually walked towards it.   I checked the door, because you know, it is the weekend and they do lock those things up, I suppose.  I looked close and reached for the handle – and YES! – it swung wide open.  There before me was the most gorgeous empty toilet waiting for me to release the contents of my bladder.

I had a moment of reckoning.  A breakthrough of sorts.  Since then, I’ve decided to take it a little easier on this thing called ‘chaos’.  I guess it has its good points.  I’m thinking that there is beauty in even the most horrid of circumstances.  We’re told that all the time.  But I need to experience it for me to believe.

I’ve also decided to appreciate those stinky toilets as well.  It smelled like a bed of fresh roses when relief reached my body.

What I didn’t do was learn a more valuable lesson.  As soon as I got to College Street, I looked for the nearest coffee shop.

I realized I was out of coffee.


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