Self Expression: What about Personality Tests?

I don’t know how you feel, but for me, I sometimes feel skeptical about Personality Tests.

I would like to put a more disciplined faith in some of these; but I currently think they are more or less a benefit as a social scientific guide to personal development.

I tend to be a skeptic is because the negative outcomes that can arrive once I decide I am ‘this way’ or ‘that way’.  (I will need a caveat for this one: I do use a test for its accuracy and personal understanding of myself.)  I don’t endeavour to ‘become a better fit’ for the category – I just ‘am’.  I don’t want to box myself into a static profile, so I use several of these psycho-tests as a guide to be aware of my thoughts, decisions, and behaviours.

      One of the things I like to check out once in a while are the different personality tests that are available on the internet.  A lot of these tests are sometimes used by some companies and institutions to measure the ‘right fit’ when they are hiring people.  Another use would be in the court system.  There are many others.  For me, I like personality tests just to get a constant check-up from the neck up (thanks CAMH) – and for a teeny bit of entertainment (kinda like reading the newspaper horrorscope predictions).

There are a couple that I like and use; and I’ve gone back several times over the years to re-do the tests just to check the validity of the profiles and see what, if any, changes occurred in my personality that I intuitively felt shift.  I don’t like to use them to define myself.

None of them are perfect alone; so I don’t keep myself to just one or two, and I check out all kinds and have fun with them.  I’ve used a few of them together and found it to be quite interesting … and enlightening at times.  Bottom line though, is that the sum of the group is more valuable than of any one single ‘test’.

If you are interested, I’ve linked a web page from Geocities here that has a whole list of personality and psychological tests.  You can spend a whole rainy afternoon just playing and learning.

By the way, the test I respect the most is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I first did the test with a professional ‘test-giver’ in the mid-80’s.  As mentioned above, I’ve revisited tests over the years, and this is one of them.  I find this test the most consistent.

According to results, I am considered an INTP (with a ‘sometime wobble’ to INTJ depending on my mood – my diagnosis).

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