Keeping Hope

All my sorrows,

All my pain;

Held me back, and

Helped me gain.

Inner indictments

Challenge my morals.

From fear I bring courage,

To seek my tomorrows.

Can You Just Hold Me

Can you just hold me,
and love me,
and tell me I’m needed?
Will you whisper your words I feel?

All over, inside me
you fill me with hope.
As always, beside me,
you help me cope.

I Love You.

Awareness: Levels of Knowledge

From my learning and livings, I have come to understand that there are basically 3 levels of knowledge:

  1. There are things (our body of knowledge) we know that we know
  2. There are things we know we don’t know
  3. There are things we don’t even know we don’t know

Fear: The Lobster Effect


When a lobster is prepared (cooked) for human consumption:

  1. boiling water

  2. put lobsters in the boiling water while still alive

  3. as the lobsters get boiled a slow death, they try to crawl out of the deep pot

  4. the lobsters at the bottom (unable to try and get out) pull back the escaping lobster into the boiling water to die


Lobster = us

Other lobsters = society, family, friends

Boiling water = your issues, drama, change, aging,

Pot = your social location


As humans, we do the same thing as the lobsters.

How do we do it to each other:

  1. we tell them they are making mistakes

  2. they can’t do it

  3. not good enough

  4. been done before

  5. will make you different – an outsider

  6. you will get hurt

  7. setting yourself up for failure


Result of the pulling back:

  1. doubt yourself (what if they are right?)

  2. don’t want to hurt feelings

  3. become afraid of risk

  4. become afraid of change


Possible outcomes:

  1. do it alone

  2. become estranged

  3. risk getting laughed at

  4. setting yourself up for failure

  5. “I told you so”


Eventual result:



and accept that we will

DIE a Brutal and Slow Death

waiting willingly each day

for change to happen

TO our self

instead of

making change happen

FOR our self.


In Your Hands


There lives a silent respect
beneath the opaque dermis of blue tributaries –
a lifetime of warm understanding.
In your hands, your strong hands
the gift of giving lifts my hopes and spirits through your
touch of sincerity.
With few words and a compassionate nod,
Your warm touch melts away all my fears.