Your Home Library: Inspiring Reading 1 – April 2012


Growing up with a voracious appetite for reading, I always ensure I am reading 1 or 2 books at the same time.  I like to mix them up to satisfy my wild moods and never-ending curiousity thirst.

I would like to help share the great wealth of information out in the world that I came to read and enjoy with you.  From these books, I’ve benefitted greatly over the past 30 to 40 years; and I can honestly tell you that they have helped shape me to the be the person I am today.

Therefore, each mid-month I will be offering suggestions of great books to read.

I will be sure to mix them up between genres, fiction/non-fiction, spiritual, self-improvement, psychology, philosophy, etc.



Here are your Inspired Reading suggestions for APRIL 2012

Remember, you don’t have to read them all at right away.



Leadership The Eleanor Roosevelt Way

Robin Gerber


TOPICS: Leadership, Courage, Passion


Long overdue, this absolutely compelling account of Eleanor Roosevelt‘s life, but more importantly her strength of character and values, is the kind of book one can’t put down. Long before Senator Clinton (whom she inspired), Eleanor Roosevelt became the first First Lady to shine on her own merits rather than be overshadowed by a husband who was not only a President, but a figure larger than life.

She cared for the disadvantaged, used innovative and creative ideas to help them, but more importantly never shied away from a fight of principle. Then and now, she was the kind of person people aspire to become.

review by Moses B. Altsech, Ph.D




The Alchemist

Paulo Coehlo


TOPICS: Belief, Personal Power, discovery


This is a story of Santiago, a shepherd boy who dreams of traveling the world and discovering treasures, and is courageous enough to walk in the direction of his desires. In order to realize the best that his destiny has to offer, he travels from his home in Spain, through the markets of Tangiers, and into the great Egyptian desert.

He gets duped, experiences love, loses and makes money, learns a different language, meets different people, finds himself in pleasant and not-so- pleasant situations. His journey is full of adventure and lessons, while he also finds the privilege of meeting a king, a desert woman and an alchemist, each adding to his life new turns and perceptions.

The book emphasizes the values of spirituality, faith, hope and love through symbolic narration of a fascinating story of an ordinary boy with extra-ordinary beliefs. It teaches its readers, in a very subtle and effective way, the power of positivity.

Book Reviewer: Tanvi Singhal



The Official Guide to Success

Tom Hopkins


TOPICS: Leadership, Success, Personal Empowerment, Goal Setting, Selling


In this book, he offers his personal success programme. It’s not sales training: it’s training in the art of success – at being happy, well off in mind, body and bank account. This guide teaches the reader tried and tested motivational and inspirational techniques to help achieve one’s goals.

 Review by: Boomerang Books.


Enjoy your discoveries!




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  1. Leonard Marks says:

    great post

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