10 Reasons NOT to Marry in Royalty

.Crown Royal

Life changes when one decides to marry up into royalty!
We’ve seen what happened to England’s Diana.

I’ve decided to write a Top Ten warning list for anybody considering this route.  Don’t say you weren’t forewarned!  (Not in any particular order of importance.)


1 – Paparazzi know more about your life than you do.

2 – You need a key to your own bathroom.

3 – You can’t wear your bathrobe and wander about the house.

4 – You can’t pawn any possessions in case of hard times.

5 – You can’t sneak off for a quickie.

6 – Food fights are out of the question.

7 – Everyone wants a baby more than you do.

8 – You have to like the in-laws.

9 – She has to wear those gaudy hats.

10 – There’s more than one tunnel in Paris.



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