The Need


It crawls up my arms and up through my neck,

from the back of my head

It starts it’s trek.


Something is missing – a feeling so close.

The will it weakens

soon yeses from no’s.


I remember that voice lurking in my head.

It plays and teases

when I most dread.


Confronted and haunted, a puppet on a string.

I guard with fear –

that voice, it stings.


Surrendering power, truth fills my soul.

I lust the loss

my heart has been sold.


The smoke stings my eyes, I lower my face.

Logic arrives

and hides my disgrace.


July 2010

2 comments on “The Need

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice poem Kevin, but I was thinking….if its really bothering you, get over here and I’ll smack it dead!!

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