Nietzsche says about our life:

There is no truth, no meaning to life in the world that is relevant to you, except the truth that you yourself give your life.

… To give life a meaning:

that has been the grand endeavor of all that have preached ‘truth’;
for unless life is given a meaning it has none.


At this level, truth is not something that can be proved or disproved:

It is something which you determine upon, which, in the language of the old psychology, your will.


It is not something waiting to be discovered, (it is not) something to which you submit or at which you halt:

It is something you create, it is the expression of a particular kind of life and being which has, in you, ventured to assert itself.


Because each particular life and being needs a fortress within which to preserve and protect itself and from which to reach out …..

and truth (your meaning to life) is this fortress.

4 comments on “Nietzsche says about our life:

  1. Synth Real says:

    Nietzsche was right about a lot of other things too. Truth is but an opinion, and a very personal one at that. However, there is a hardness to things like truth, even though truth is subjective, because we do base our understanding on truths as if they were foundations for buildings. I like the interweaving of the idea of Change presented by Sue Dreamwalker too, for almost everything is malleable and impermanent, so why would truths not be also. Enjoying your posts, thanks.

  2. Our Truth in life changes. Once Upon a time those in the world believed the World o be flat. As Science said it was so. And told those who were about to sail over the horizon they would fall off the edge. Our Truth changes daily as we gain knowledge. So too does our reality change as our perceptions of that reality change also.
    Very Good Post Kevin

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