Touching Freedom: Living a Life with Purpose – pt1

I’ve wondered for more than 40 years: “What is Life Purpose?” We’ve heard about it – at least the rumours and promises about what Life Purpose is supposed to be.  Thing is, I took “purpose” on as a belief in my life – and I’ve been confused every since, lol.

From my many many travels in my life journey so far, and after years of study and experimenting by using my life as the guinea pig/test subject, I was beginning to wonder if Life Purpose was just another thing to keep us busy and pre-occupied until we died.  You know, like the ever-elusive question of “What is the meaning of life?”.  And always with the same result: no answers, more questions, more discussions, more confusion, and just more pain.

When I wasn’t getting anywhere to satisfy my curiosity (and desires), I decided to ask a bigger question: What is the point of having Purpose in our lives anyway?  To me, it sounds like something that means hard work; or some psycho-babble; or even still, some philosophical conspiracy only for people with a lot of time on their hands with nothing better to think about and consider.

As expected (being a ‘whyzassker’), I came to some further wonderings: What does having Life Purpose look like?  Feel like?  Why is it so important?  Am I missing out on something by not knowing or having or living my Purpose?  Is Purpose real?  And this all started when I was still a young teen – ackkkk!

In seeking these answers, I came to a long and slow personal realization from my wonderings, wanderings, and reasoning:

  1. Seeking a Life Purpose is a big thing to think about.  It forces us to invest a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (literally) in deciphering it’s meaning and application in our personal, private, secret, and public lives.
  2. Knowing and having our Life Purpose is more difficult than learning how to become a rocket scientist.  I think that’s probably why most of us sometimes go to great lengths to avoid the thought of it altogether. After all, the way the world is, it’s easier to settle with what we’ve got, be thankful, and hope we have a next life to make it all right. Huh? Can you relate?
  3. Living Our Life Purpose is a whole new ball of wax altogether.  Without a doubt, it is alwaysfull of wonder, surprises, creativity, guilt, accomplishment, second-guessing, introspection, sorrow, compassion, and much more.

    And this is just in the first day!

As difficult as it may be to understand at this point; the benefits of having awareness about Life Purpose are immediate:

1 – Just having the light go on in our head begins the wonderful ‘life of colour’, and then

2 – Knowing and realizing how everything we’ve ever done or felt in the past (for all those years) now makes complete sense.

Next post, let’s look at this intriguing question and our way of being.




5 comments on “Touching Freedom: Living a Life with Purpose – pt1

  1. Totally agree with the journey of finding life purpose, only I didn’t realize that was the path I was on, I just thought “why do I keep making adjustments in my life that don’t pan out?” and for me it was because I was not listening to my gut. I too had no clue as a teen and well into my mid-30’s what my direction was and wondered if I was ever going to figure it out. What I discovered is that it took being completely drained of everything to finally discover my path & purpose. Great post!

    • Shelley, thanks for your sharing. Your contribution keeps me focused in knowing I am giving something back to the world. We have similar paths on our journey; and now that we have discovered our purpose (and the excitement that comes with it), it takes a little edge off the frustration of going through the long process of discovery, don’t you think?
      I don’t have any more regrets, concerns, and complaints.

  2. Dianne says:

    I think by the time we get to even thinking about “Purpose of Life or Life Purpose or What the Hell is my Purpose in Life” we should be at that stage when we’ve discarded whats held us back for years, stopped feeling guilty about whatever psychotic guilt trip we’ve put our brain through, realize the past is the past, leave it the fuck there and realize “oh shit” I’ve got about 20 years left to find purpose, that it finally comes to you……one theory!

    • You are bang on the money, Dianne!

      Yet, we look at the world we’ve give ourselves and continue to wonder what happened. It all comes down to becomeing aware and freeing ourselves of some conditioning and misleading facts of life that appear to plague our lives. It’s got to the point now where I don’t even have TV at home because it’s all conditioning and opinions.

      Because of that, there is a lot of crap going on out there and inside our heads that leave us all nervous wrecks. Personally, if something big happens in the world that affects me, I figure I’ll find out about sooner or later. (I don’t miss much, lol)

      It truly, simply, and basically really is that easy for anybody to do. As you so eloquently stated with your colourful metaphors, the past IS the past. Sadly, it’s not so easy when we don’t even know what it IS we have to leave behind.

      We’ll get further into these issues over the next few weeks in the coming posts.


      ps – Nice to have your generous input, Dianne. Thank you.

      • Dianne says:

        My pleasure Kevin, I always enjoy your blogs. In the case of not knowing what IS that you leave behind. For me thats thinking to hard to figure it out, so I go more on a vibrational feel. If it doesn’t make your heart happy then that’s what you leave behind. If when the mind is randomly thinking and you get a knot in your stomach, thats what you leave behind. When your randomly thinking and something just stays in the head, you push it away and it keeps coming back, thats what you leave behind. Just saying, that’s what works for me.

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