About Me & Why

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My Personal Vision:

See the world overcome the negative force and effects from

the pursuit of power and the exercise of unnecessary oppression

against another human being.


My Personal Mission Statement:

I am humbled by the giants that have come before me – who have inspired me to seek and express the essence/soul/being of my life.  These experiences conspired to mold me into someone who has looked into the light (on many occasions) and have seen the possibility we are as individual and unique human beings. Therefore, I declare the following statement as my life mission:

To play a role in developing a world of creators

who refuse to limit the boundaries of possibility.


______  .  ______

What I Want To Achieve with YNLE:

To create a place where visitors can possibly:

  • get inspired to take action on their life dreams
  • learn something new

To show readers the incredible pervasive conditioning we experience without our knowledge, and we can sort it out to empower ourselves.

To show readers it is possible to climb above our personal mediocrity we feel about our lives.

To remove the blinders we create between knowing and doing.

And my favourite, to assist readers to see possibility where none before existed.

______  .  ______

How YNLE Is Organized:

Hierarchy of Achievement: the “Being” of Living

  1. The Big Grey Hole of Humanity

  2. Awareness

  3. Fear

  4. Values & Beliefs

  5. Relationship

  6. Self Expression

The posts that deal with these issues above were written to share my experiences in my journey to discover the path of achievement.

It involves how we are Being as an individual and how we think of ourselves and the world.  It includes looking at how we came to think the way we do, as well as consider the possibility of what we can do to transform our lives so we can go after our goals and dreams.

You can find more detailed information by clicking Achievement Theory on the menu.

______  .  ______

But, I guess if you want to know intimately about
Your Near Life Experience
and from where the philosophy comes,
you probably have to know me…


Hello.  My name is Kevin Collins.

You will probably find, from reading my posts, that I speak from my own personal life experiences.  The posts just reflect my personal opinions and observations about Awareness, Fear, Values & Beliefs, Relationships, and Self-Expression from a lifetime of inquiry, wonderings, and just being “plain ole’ nosey“.  I like writing poetry, and I will sprinkle often.

So, I am compelled to tell you a bit about this and that about myself.  Of course, I am keeping it appropriate for the arena for which it is presented – the http://www.  I don’t like to label or categorize myself; but since we live in the kind of world that sorts things out and gives us better understanding by doing so, I’ll give you some generalizations about myself.

(By the way – I know this is just the way I see myself.  Others who know me may beg to differ;
but then again, as Nietzsche once said: “There are no facts, only interpretations.”)


First, some quick and cold statistics about me:

  • Addresses: 43

  • Cities: 11

  • Schools: 21

  • Jobs: 37

  • Businesses: 3

  • Major Medical: 12

  • Careers: 8

  • Relationships: A few

  • Children: 0


I am an old (50+) skinny guy living in Toronto, Canada

My World

I used to be a fat guy until I gave up the corporate world and in turn, fell into various forms of poverty.  What’s funny (to me), I don’t regret a moment of it.

Working in the corporate world was ok, but just chasing the dollars and not caring about the client/customer didn’t sit well with me.  I don’t mind making money – just not on the backs of misinformation and deception – all for the almighty buck.

Working in social services was great, but I felt (from my 20+ years on the inside) that there wasn’t much getting done.  It seemed like, regardless of personal intentions, there was getting no further ahead.  I’ve seen a lot of young people come into the industry; and over the years, they’ve either surrendered to the ‘system’ or they just burn out and leave for something else.

I’ve experienced it in Community Development, Recreation, Education, Legal, and even Health.  It’s all the same.  I decided to leave the field for good in the last couple of years because I even experienced failures of Professors teaching the college programs and sending graduates out there untrained.

Sure, I am an old fart; but I am gaining so much about life as it relates to EVERYONE, and I am happy to share my insights with others.


I am a “Why’s Guy” (or Whyzassker)

The Fog of Wonder

I’ve always had a fertile mind.  I always wanted to know and needed to know.  If I haven’t yet, I’ve got a post that addresses what a “Why’s” guy is.  As a Why’s Guy, I always asked the question why.

Of course, there is a downside to always asking questions. I noticed it from a young boy; and it spawned my inquiry to notice:
It bothers a lot of people

I figure it could be because:

a – they don’t know the answer and would be embarrassed; or

b – they know the answer but don’t want to spill the beans; or maybe

c – they just don’t care and don’t even want to think about it.

Now I could be wrong on this, but I’ve had a lot of experience over the past 50 years and a few thousand personal and professional relationships across Canada.

My mother always said I was going to be a “jack of all trades and a master of nothing.”


I am Spiritual and a Humanist

Visual Hope

I’m not some mystic or freaky guru.

I’m just an ordinary guy with a belief that everyone has a gift to offer the world.  All that is needed for these gifts to be acknowledged and realized is to give everyone the tools, resources, and opportunities to make it happen.  So goes my life calling to be a social activist.

As a spiritual person, I am not a religious follower.  I keep my beliefs open to religion because I believe they all have their good points and not-so-good points.  I do believe that we are all spiritual beings waiting to express ourselves to the world.  We all want to be good, and love, and share.  Not so easy to do that in a world of pain, violence, fear, and mistrust.

You will find a good definition of Humanism by ihumanism.com to give you an understanding on how a Humanist sees the world.  Chances are you are a Humanist yourself.

Some great Humanists I follow and read are:

Frank Zappa, Chomsky, Twain, Alice Walker, Sartre, Margaret Atwood


I believe there are 2 main things we want to achieve in life:

  1. to be able to express ourselves, and

  2. to be acknowledged.


I am an Existentialist

Enjoy – Don’t Explain

I see the world through my lenses of the world and what I create from my memories and experiences.  You know how it is.

And like everyone else, I have this thing called the “Meaning Making Machine” – or our Mind, that needs to make up stories about my experiences so I can figure out what to do next.

These stories drive my life and give me the only meaning I know to my thoughts and actions.  We will be talking a lot about the Meaning Making Machine, or M3.


I realize there really isn’t a meaning for our life – we make it up.


Here is the definition of Existentialism according to Wikipedia:

  • Put simply, this means that there is nothing to dictate that person’s character, goals in life, and so on; that only the individual can define his or her essence. According to Sartre, “Man first of all exists, encounters himself, surges up in the world – and defines himself afterwards”.

But things just are; and by each of us knowing more about that, the more we can change the world.   Some Existentialists I follow and read are:

Heidegger, Dostoyevsky, Camus, Nietzsche, Thoreau, Rousseau, Socrates

Our personal responsibility is to create a life that expresses ourselves and “be” the meaning we give to it.  But it is OUR responsibility first – the world is not going to come to us to look for our greatness.


I am a Liberal Feminist

An Individual Among Many

I gained my most fundamental life lessons grounded from my family.  In my childhood, my father was the hammer, so my values and beliefs were first formed from that childhood.  Not a lot of good things to think about when compared to other family dynamics to which I was exposed often.

I also witnessed (and studied) how women are most repressed in a home headed by a male.  The sordid history has left legacies of the oppression of women and subservience of the less powerful; and it was so in my (appearance of a) family.

Historically, the world has been ruled according to men.  Men kept women out of the market, politics, and the systems of the world.  It is an institutional and conditioned ailment that seeped into the personal lives of men – and it created havoc.  The greatest form of power and opression.  Fortunately, this is changing – but still a long way to go to assert true equality of the genders. You can count on me.

Some great liberal feminists over the last few decades I have read:

Roosevelt, Wolf, Friedan, Clinton, Steinem

I believe WE ALL have a responsibility to change the paradigm
of family relationships and move toward a more
neutral-based teaching of children and youth.


I am a bit of a Creative Spirit

The Beauty of a Dream

You’ve probably read some of my poetry and fiction writing on this blog; so yes, I am a fledgling literary artist.  I write what I feel from what I see as much for me as well as for the world.  The short stories are inclined to be put on this site (if appropriate to the issue/topic) with the books (1 fiction/1 non-fiction) I am currently writing due to be finished 2013/14.

I am a graphic artist, and so all the site clip art you see are created by me.

I’ve been an acrylic artist since my teen years and have many pieces all over the place (though nothing really special) and enjoy painting to release the buildup of angst.  It beats drinking.

I do have work out there in the form of flyers, logos, websites, and even a book cover. (By the way, I would suggest reading this great bookThe Wind and His Grandmother).

I am an actor.  I’ve worked in both live theatre as well as TV/movies.  Nothing real special and it was some time ago, but it was something I would pursue further if I was 30 years younger, haha.

I am a musician as well.  I’ve written a couple of hundred songs and lyrics.  I play the piano/keyboards and I am a tenor.  My (not-so) new music is starting to come around again as I’m getting busy with a couple of projects.  I’m singing again, so that’s a start.


I am a Survivor

Climb Higher

I have a life story that could curl your hair – and as mentioned above, it truly is an adventure. But I don’t dwell on it that much (though it does sneak in on occasion), and I consider my past a great University of Life.

I live with four disablilities, and I don’t let it prevent me from achieving my goals.

My disabilities have allowed me to re-evaluate my life and follow my dreams – instead of just complaining.

I am a survivor of multiple childhood sexual abuses (by different people both male and female).  I am a survivor of brutal emotional, physical, and psychological abuse.

I’ve made it through 4 near-death experiences and have been in hospital (for stays) no less than 12 times for various operations/issues.  I’ve even survived death a few times by my own hand.


Needless to say, this blog is my therapy and is very cathartic for me.


I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy sharing my thoughts.

Thanks for visiting and come back often.

With Love, Kevin


updated: May 2012

12 comments on “About Me & Why

  1. Kevin, it is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for all that you have written and shared here.
    Your poetry is wonderful! Very thought provoking and inspiring.
    I send Love and Blessing to you-
    Happy New Year.
    Cindy Baker

  2. Hi Kevin, I’m very glad I found your blog – I can relate very much to your themes – will come back to read more – thank you very much!
    Best Wishes from Ireland.

  3. Hi Kevin, I have just stumbled upon your blog and find myself fully in tune with your mission statement. I am going to have a wander now to read some more of your posts. I will enjoy following you as you are an inspirational person and the world needs more of those. All my best to you, Ruth

  4. Thank you for following Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary Kevin, and love your about you page… I too am just an ordianary Woman with Past Life Experience.. trying to make a difference in small ways along her own Journey of discovery..
    Blessings ~ Sue

  5. hardplaces says:

    Nice to meet you….. love your blog, valuable insight and rich on wisdom. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Andrew says:

    You are an AWESOME and Special Friend – thanks for believing in My Dream!!

  7. Pierre Laframboise says:

    Looking for the long lost other half of Raspberry Collins?
    Tried to connect to kevin Collins on LinkIn but no reply as of yet.
    Sure looks like the Kevin I knew.

  8. Dianne says:

    You forgot……a brilliant mind, brilliant humour, brilliant smile….and just all round brilliant kind of guy!

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