Opinions and Farts: Phew!


3 Reasons Why Opinions are Like Farts:

  1. They belong to ourself and only ourself;


  2. They are sometimes innapropriate to let out; and


  3. Often, we are the only one who can stand it.



(My apologies to anyone I may have offended.)

New Post Format and Idea for Sharing

Hello readers,

Now that I am back, I’ve decided to make a few changes to the blog. I am going to experiment with a “Theme” concept in my future writings.  Instead of writing huge blogs that are too long and winded; I’ve decided to break them down into smaller bits for your reading pleasure.

So, instead of one post on a topic, I will post over a few days (or weeks) on that theme. I will do this beginning with the very next posting.  If you are inclined to help me out, your feedback will be welcomed after we’ve had some time to digest this first idea.

The first theme I will be writing about is about Life Purpose.  Below is a rough guide on what I will be discussing.  Although I do want to publish regularly on Mondays and Thursdays; I may lean outside the rules on occasion.


“Touching Freedom: Living A Life With Purpose”

1 – Mon – What is (Life) Purpose?

2 – Thu – Why is Purpose important?

3 – Mon – What is life like Without and With Purpose?

4 – Thu – What stops us from living our Life Purpose?

5 – Mon – What does it take to live our life with Purpose?

6 – Thu – The greatest payoffs from living our life with Purpose?

7 – Mon – How do we find our Life Purpose?

8 – Thu – Taking action – It All Begins Here!


I look forward to sharing with all of you.


Coming soon …

I’ve been really busy with entrepreneurial stuff for the last couple of months.  But I am returning with new and fresh insights and question about life and living.

A few thoughts I’ve been throwing around:

– The State of Mind

– “Shoulding” all over someone

– What Exactly Is Freedom?

– Success vs Achievement