(Why Not) Reach Beyond


In this world we live in

There is always a plan,

In it’s own chaotic nature

Life gives what it can.

With humankind engaging

Conflict plays to survive

Living near it’s outer limits

Only to keep us alive.

Look beyond what we think we see

Take a breath from a fragrant tree

Touch the soil of humanity

Taste the joy we are meant to be.

In this life we live in

Breathing opportunities abound

Our dreams are thoughts are things so real

We can look around.

We know this life so raging

It’s in the way we feel

We know it’s more than human nature

We can make our life real.

Reach beyond what we trust to be

Gasp the change from possibility

Breathe new life into new memories

Love the joy we all can be.

Living true life with new energy

Loving the joy you too can be.

An Enlightenment

This poem is written as my ode to possibility – a possibility within everybody’s reach.



Descending from my frozen mountain

I meet the yawning sea,

Reflecting my many memories

Crying back at me.


My face lifts skyward, takes in air

A floral springtime breeze,

Reminding me of happier days

And brings me to my knees.


The soil invites me to rest my soul

So rich, so soft, so warm,

Inside the bosom of Mother Nature

To leave days long forlorn.


I bare my breast to the waking Sun

It’s song of love sedating,

With childlike wonder I breathe again

My heart no longer waiting.


My stretching limbs reach for the sky

Embracing life’s energy,

My mind wide open, my heart now settled

And now my eyes can see.



(c) 2012 – Kevin Collins

The Art of Living

This poem is dedicated to all the silent heroes among us who dare to live life to it’s fullest.



Going For It


Exercising secret dreams,

It’s not in our tomorrows.

Dancing rushes feel extremes,

Only in our yesterdays.


Living and loving outside our mind,

Free from our private sorrows.

The art of living honours our time,

Lived in the NOW each day.


(c) 2012

Holding Back

Every time I dare to dream,
I test myself
To see if it’s all true;
Always running
Not to hurt myself
From fear of actions dared.
In the middle of a dream,
I pinch myself
To find a hidden clue;
No need for stopping
To curse myself
My comfort once again is spared.

(orginally written June 2011)

Everybody’s Nobody


Poring over a nothing morning
     loitering in the rain,
Puffing stale smokes
     and drinking cold joe
From which he can’t abstain.
A falling sun among the clouds
Long shadows hides his disease,
Black and white and gray his thoughts
     as he crouches to his knees.
Casual glances among many shoes
Clap-scuffing splashes the rain,
Looking up he tries,
     instead he cries
Never understanding others’ disdain.


(originally written Aug 2011)