Self Expression: Asking “Why” Without The Stress

I am someone who has always been plagued with the urge to know everything about something that interests me at the time.  It keeps me busy. 

Always asking why!

My mother complained so much about my constantly asking why, she had to warn me ahead of time (when going somewhere new, or seeing something interesting) not to bother asking.

Of course, way back when I was just a wee thing of a kid, I didn’t know the schooling or social status of my parents – so I didn’t know they didn’t know.

I realized years later that my father hated taking me anywhere because I would guarantee to embarrass him some way through my curiousity. For example, if I was travelling on the public transit and I saw someone who looked out of the ordinary, I would ask my Mom how they came to look that way.  The colour of her face matched her feeling of embarassment.

What made it more problematic was that I was an advanced student, so my childhood had exposures to life that piqued my interest almost constantly.  That may explain why I can multi-task or have a fertile and creative mind.


From these experiences over my lifetime, I have come to the realization about this question of WHY.

I realize asking why is a slippery slope that make many people shake in their boots when CONFRONTED (as they can often see it) with the question. 


Recently, I decided to create a Creed to remind myself of the dangers of asking Why; and as a WhyzAss (or WhyzAssker),

I call the creed:

The Seven”


As you can see below, The Seven is a list of things I have learned to consider when speaking with someone else.  I take this approach because (as we all know):

We Are Responsible for

the conversations we have with others.

Over the years, I’ve experienced situations where the communication got out of hand – and not so much the other’s fault.  It’s just that I didn’t fully understand the power of asking Why.  So, The Seven is my contribution to my communication skills.  I have benefitted from using The Seven already and it has helped me express myself more effectively over the years since using it. (Click the image for a larger view.)


I will be coming back to this topic in the future as we discover the magic of effective communication and relationship.


Relationship: What Happened?

There are three sides to every story:


1 – your story
2 – my story
3 – the full story.


Can anyone relate?